The Fake Birkin, Where to Get It

Since we’ve been talking about the Birkin bag, many have asked “are there any good fakes?” and the answer is, “yes”.  Since you’re most likely not an “A”-List celebrity and under the constant scrutiny of the intrusive paparazzi, you might be able to pull one off.

By now you know that Taylor Armstrong was apparently able to waltz around Beverly Hills with her fake Birkin, the truth only coming out when she turned them in for her law suit settlement, allegedly, but it looked quite the real thing, didn’t it?…



So we did some scouting around for you and, though there seem to be many sites, we found this source of fake Birkins to seem most reliable, in case our stories of the Birkin have left you drooling.   At these prices one can certainly afford to have a fake Birkin in every colour!

Here’s the treasured site: The Fake Birkin

We have no experience with this site, however, they have good reviews.

Here’s a great article on how to spot a fake Birkin (though some fakes would have to be closely analyzed, like Taylor’s).

Happy shopping!

Your friend,me.original


3 comments on “The Fake Birkin, Where to Get It

  1. Hmm….well, first off even if I could afford one (which I can’t) I would never have a Birkin bag because “everyone” has one. I would have to find some other exquisitely-made fabulous bag that NO ONE else had to carry. Secondly, if anyone in this tiny remote beach town I live in recognized me holding a Birkin bag they would immediately know it was fake, because it costs as much as my car.
    At any rate- if you are a US customer buying these- better hope it doesn’t get picked up in Customs as it comes into the country- because if so, it will likely just be destroyed and then you will be out six hundred bucks.

  2. I own many birkins and one of my most fav. Birkins is actually a fake cos I don’t have to worry as much about “where’s my bag while I’m dancing ect..” I paid 300.00 for the knock off but it’s AMAZINGLY EXACT!! I have a great web site to use to get any knock offs from Gucci,Luis,Burberry,Prada,Celine,hermes etc… Hmu if u want one for cheap sum are as low as 50$

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